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Mexico City

Bellas Artes (Photo: Mexico Tourism Office)

At first it seemed a bit crazy idea, but gradually I found myself planning trips only in order to know a new place to eat.

Tourism experts call it dining destinations, designed gastronomic routes or circuits; the reality is that travel with the aim of finding good places to eat today is becoming a real trend.

According to official data, a lot of tourists recognize the food as their primary travel motivation. Not enough for you?, well, 25% of average spending of international tourists arriving in Mexico is used in food.

One of my favorite places to eat is certainly Mexico City,are you ready for my recommendations?, popular food, flavors that really fill your senses and I am sure that i will make you always remember your trip.

Top 5:

  • El Cardenal

Its delicious freshly baked bread and traditional Mexican hot chocolate drink will make you feel special. Here you can enjoy the true flavors of Mexico. Cardinal is ideal for breakfast, start your day with a delicious Aporreado, dry meat with egg and sauce, beans and handmade tortillas, not you will regret.

  • Guzina Oaxaca

Try the flavors of the province in the capital. Oaxaca, one of the most recognized worldwide for its delicious food places. In Mexico City you should not miss Guzina Oaxaca, the Baby Pork Taquitos are absolutely delicious. Do not leave this place without sharing a Tlayuda with friends, meat and lots of cheese together in a dish remember for the rest of your life. With Mezcal, our traditional distillate you will enjoy this experience even more. They say the mezcal is the drink of the gods, but to know why? You have to try it.

  • El Bajio

The first time I visited El Bajio in Mexico City was not sure I wanted to try a different kind of mole, my favorite mole of course is from Puebla. I was really surprised with the special flavor that has this delicious dish. A family recipe, special and traditional, besides the love with which each dish is prepared is indisputable; here serve the best Chicken Enchiladas with Mole in Mexico City, plus many other dishes. Rice Pudding Mexican style?, of course, had never tasted another like it.

  • Azul Historico
Screen Shot 2016-07-17 at 12.50.06 AM
Cochinita Pibil – Azul Historico

I love this restaurant because we always innovate Mexican cuisine. Each visit may be different, because each month has festivals with special dishes based on Mexican ingredients. Fungi or different chiles, will give a special flavor to your dishes. Their processes are handmade, so my recommendation in this wonderful place is Cochinita Pibil. Accompanied by handmade tortillas and a special sauce, the name is X-ni-pek, a Mayan sauce made with habanero chile, spicy and unique.

  • Quintonil

Day Fishing crusted chipotle, squash and pineapple, diezmillo beef wagyu in pulque, corn and reduction of dried chiles, pork jowls perfumed black message on cocoa husk, fermented vegetables and candied onions, Merengue red fruit…  Sounds spectacular? It really is spectacular. Do not forget to make your reservation and get ready to discover a beauty of colors and an explosion of flavors in each dish. Surely other side of Mexican food.

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Mexico City (Photo Mexico Tourism Office)

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Taste Mexico and fall in love forever

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