Best cuisines in the world

Let’s go travel… the next stop is at four of the kitchens recognized as World Heritage. UNESCO has registered very few on your list, so each has something special to brag about, if you love food and travel, take note, I’m sure you will be surprised to know in detail what we are talking:

 The Mediterranean diet and traditional French, Japanese and Mexican cuisines have been declared World Heritage. Cultural and social values are recognized in all of them.

1. Mediterranean Diet: Chipre, Croacia, España, Grecia, Italia, Marruecos and Portugal

 The Mediterranean diet includes a set of knowledge, practical skills, rituals, traditions and symbols related to crops and agricultural crops, fisheries and animal husbandry, and also how to hold, process, cook, share and consume food.

Mediterran Diet was inscribed in 2013 on the Representative List of the Intangible Cultural  Heritage of the Humanity (Photo:

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Im not a Foodie

I´m from Mexico, a country full of flavors, where every important moment of our life is accompanied by a delicious food. I love my culture and my roots, i enjoy listening to the stories that are told about each dish in traditional kitchens, around the fire and the laughs, stories full of passion and proudly to be Mexican. Let´s travel through a wonderful cuisine…

Benedicta Alejo, mexican cook, and her family sharing secret recipes. (Picture: Mexico Tourism Office)

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