Culinary Ambassadors of Mexico

Chiles en nogada
Chiles en Nogada (Photo: Ven a Comer – Mexico Tourism Office)

Last week, I filled me with emotion to read this article: Mexico Launches New Diplomatic Chefs. On June 16, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, anunción a new strategy that seeks to promote worldwide Mexican cuisine, a World Heritage by UNESCO in 2010, as well as other actions to show off the best of our culinary culture.

Also it announced the creation of distinctive “Ven a Comer” which “recognizes establishments abroad that preserve and promote national dishes, using ingredients, spices, recipes and preparation methods genuinely Mexican”.

It is inevitable for me when I travel and accidentally or intentionally I find a Mexican restaurant, take a look at the menu, looked into the place, and sometimes, why not try some of our kitchen and how they can achieve our recreate authentic flavors in remote locations. This new distinctive, Ven a comer, just recognize these places that represent us well, who boast the best of Mexico and offer diners a taste of this great mosaic of dishes of which we are so proud.

Martha Soledad Gomez Atzin (Photo:

Also the Mexican government presented other actions such as youth work and the impulse to Mexican wine, it has been slowly gaining more space in the national and international market, really the quality is high, but about wine and distillates, i want to write later.

I want me back to the first paragraph to share with you a little more of who are the new Ambassadors of the Cuisine of my country worldwide. They are from different regions use different techniques are recognized each for their talent and passion for good Mexican food and the best, of course, we always come back to our roots, in this excellent team of diplomatic chefs there are three traditional cooks, they represent the true legacy heritage of our ancestors.

Abigail Mendoza, Traditional Cook of Oaxaca, Juana Bravo, Traditional Cook of Michoacan and Martha Soledad Gomez Atzin, Traditional Cook of Veracruz are part of this group. They are genuine, admirable and full of ancestral culinary knowledge that I’m sure they will show the world with great skill, nobility and passion for our roots.

The most prestigious chefs of Mexico as Jorge Vallejo, by the restaurant Quintonil, named number 12 in the world by The World’s 50 Best; Enrique Olvera, who is ranked 25 with Pujol and 96 with Cosme from the same list; Guillermo Gonzalez Beristain, Gerardo Lugo Vazquez and Pablo Salas awarded among the best Latin restaurants, among others, will give much to talk about this new gastronomic promotion strategy.

I’m looking forward to hearing news about Mexican cuisine around the world, when you know something is really good, you want to share with everyone, it is certainly gastronomy something to brag and today more than never. If you have the possibility to try our dishes anywhere in the world will fall in love with each one of them.

It’s time to eat, so until next time.