Tacos really are not considered part of the authentic traditional food, but if they are part of our culinary culture.

I really like tacos, but do you know how many flavors you can find in Mexico? Well, depends of the tortilla, the size, type of corn, and of course, the filling ingredients, the reason that I really enjoy eating tacos is that you don’t need cutlery, only your hands, is one of the most famous dishes that you can take it with one hand, left or right hand, is your election, don’t forget the sauce, is elemental in the taste of a good taco. For me the Carnitas Tacos are the most amazing experience that you can enjoy with all your senses, is like a touch for a while the heaven, maybe I am overreacting a little, but almost. Please look the video and I wait for your comments, can you imagine that you can eat all of kinds of tacos in Mexico? Of course, you have to go there and discover it by yourself… All Mexican proud know how eat tacos with:

1.- Tortilla (Double please)

2.- Onion

3.- Coriander

4.- Lemon

5.- A lot of sauce

Extra Point.- Napkins? is a rule, because invariably you will need it.


Video: Ven a Comer – Mexico Tourism Office

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