We are what we eat

Pan de muerto, traditional bread to celebrate the Day of the Dead in Mexico (Photo: Mexico Tourism Office)

Usually when I talk about the traditional cuisine of Mexico, people regularly foreigners, comment me that of course they know what it is, they talk that have tasted the most wonderful and sometimes spicy Mexican food… But, many times, their conception is wrong, because they only have tasted the commercial Mexican food.

One of my objectives with this blog is to try to communicate ideas about the authentic Mexican cuisine, is true that throughout Mexico you can eat delicious dishes, including or not world heritage food, result of mixture of traditions and contemporary cultures, therefore the typical cuisine such as enchiladas, result of the different technique and cultures, or mole, hundred percent traditional dish, alike fill us of pride.

Chiles en Nogada, all the colors of the Mexico´s flag you can find in this dish (Photo: Abdiel Velasco)

This blog is window to share the traditions converted into food, knowing that beyond a simple dish you can discover a story, and to tell a story needed a tradition over time.

The next time you may have the opportunity to eat Mexican cuisine think what’s behind each ingredient, how this dish was achieved, what techniques could be used and the artisanal tools to achieve it were, the colors and flavors that together we will not only satisfy your palate, they probably give you anything beyond that is the essence of a rich and colorful culture, in a country where the most important thing is the people, our family and legacy to future generations.

Tacos (Photo: Kim Severson)

But, Why we are what we eat? Think for a moment in other country, not yours, another: Italy, France, China or the United States, it is easy to identify one dish of each one of them, in fact each country bases their ways of eating, rituals and ancestral, in their history. Over the years they have brought new ways of eating, but the roots are the same.

Pozole: corn and chicken soup, really delicious (Photo: Marmor)

More than only recognition or qualities of each dish, I always believe we are what we eat, because food, usually, leave you beyond an only a physical satisfaction, they bring you memories, they transport you back to places or people, fill you with energy, give you joy and sometimes nostalgia, they can (food) produce different feelings, for me the best food is only what you like, I always say that the best restaurant is your family kitchen, for me, nowhere else, including all kind of restaurants, is better than my own home and doesn´t exist better cuisine around the world than my mother´s cuisine. It’s true, you should think a bit about it, maybe today is a good day to go home and remember those tastes and smells of your childhood, is time to share with your close family their stories around the dishes I am sure that you have more than one… Buen Provecho.

For dessert -Alegrías- Sweet Amaranth (Photo: Karla Zazueta)


One thought on “We are what we eat

  1. Ever since I saw the film Like Water for Chocolate and read the book I wanted to try more authentic Mexican cooking. In the last few years there’s more authentic restaurants in Toronto. When in Mexico many years ago, I had a lovely chicken soup with tortilla and tamales wrapped in corn husks for cooking.

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