The story behind each dish: Las Corundas

Captura de pantalla 2015-02-27 a la(s) 09.39.21
Melita, a purepecha girl, she is learning to cook (Photo: Mexico Tourism Office)

The first time I could go into the life of traditional cooks in Mexico I was surprised how each of her dishes have a family history.

I had already told you that at weddings, mole, this dish so exotic for foreigners because it is made with ingredients like chocolate, almonds, chili, seeds and species, is the most traditional food during these Mexican celebrations, but each flavor of each mole depends on the region even family that cooks.

I want to share one story, if not certain, but told me a woman who has dedicated his life to cook for her family in a small community of Michoacan. It is the story of corundas, small tamales wrapped in corn leaves and in different ways, the most traditional is the triangular shape, for her these tamales mean something important.

But why Corundas have these shapes?, legend has it that in the ceremonies of the Purepecha prince (Purepecha is an indigenous community that lies chiefly in Michoacan) Corundas were the main dish. For this reason, they were long known as “cake of the palace”.

corunda3 Susan York
Photo: Susan York ZIRITA

Corundas word has a Purepecha roots -k’urhaunda- its meaning is very simple: tamal. The nicest thing about this story is that the Purepecha Community today continue eating this delicious delicacy for them, is a town that was ever submitted and has always been very strong in their customs and traditions, which is why they consider one of their dishes principals have to be a dish worthy of the monarchy, their delicious Corundas of the Palace.

corundas zirita 3

After the conquest they were adding other ingredients such as dairy derivatives (cream and cheese), but only as side, the essence of Corunda has always been the same.

Over time he got used to celebrate a good harvest of corn, because for processing the leaves of the corn, which can measure more than half a meter are required, are those that serve to wrap the dough and give it a pyramidal shape or pentagonal and of course the corn after processing is combined with secret ingredients each cook chooses to give a flavor that only in Mexico you can enjoy.

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