Corn is the king

Corn Field… (Photo

  • The cycle of maize field

Traditional Mexican cuisine is based, among others, farm products born around the cornfield, is impressive with a single crop, corn cultivation in Mexico, can produce a lot of dishes, would you like be surprised?

Child Corn: is consumed in sweet corn tamales. Mature Corn: it serves as the basis for the famous Mexican tortillas.

Dishes like pozole in different colors and combinations, chicken, pork, mushrooms, red, green, white, finally, each state has its specialty of Mexico are also produced.

Mature corn is the basis for developing some traditional drinks, in combination with other flavors, such as cocoa, nuts or fruits. They are refreshing and delicious.

The corncobs, or the central part of corn, used as fertilizer and plant food for animals on the farm. In the heart there is much corn fiber, but not consumed by humans, it is highly used.

Now for the leaves of corn, they are used to wrap the delicious tamales, red, green, fresh, the combinations are endless, vegetables, chicken, beef or pork, with fruits like pineapple or raisins, your imagination is the limit. Tender corn leaves are used to wrap the Uchepos, which are delicious tamales with a special flavor.

The corn hairs serve to make atoles or in hot water to make medicinal teas.

Corn has a fungus called huitlacoche or thrasher, is considered a culinary heritage since pre-Hispanic times and flavor has been described as delicate and slightly smoky, with a delicious texture, eaten in quesadillas or tacos, really is amazing.

The green leaves of the corn are used to wrap a type of tamale called Corundas, triangle-shaped, the figures represent the connection between life, death and the underworld.

Captura de pantalla 2015-02-27 a la(s) 09.36.28
Corundas… (Photo: Mexico Tourims Office)

Corn oil for edible use, plant food, animal feed is also produced. But not only that, around the corn grow two complementary products for basic Mexican diet: beans and pumpkins.

That is why the Mexican people, the sons of the corn, have recognized this product as the basis of nutrition of a whole people, a product originating from the pre-Columbian era that spread worldwide today.

It’s delicious; it is nutritious and is today that has spread worldwide. The Mexican cornfield is the root for amazing traditional dishes, beverages and products, all of them incredible.


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